The Decolonization Station

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"Géte-tpentesowen" in Potawatomi roughly translates to "true ownership of one's self" with "géte" meaning "truly, certainly, real" and "tpentesowen" meaning "ownership of one's self". This word is also commonly translated as "freedom", "liberty", or "independence." I like to translate it as "autonomy" or "sovereignty". However, whichever way you translate "géte-tpentesowen", it is not something the Indigenous people of Turtle Island (so-called North America) currently possess in any way, shape, or form.

Although Indigenous people have been resisting colonization for over 500 years on these lands, our fight can never be over until we are truly sovereign again. We need decolonization, and we need decolonization now. This website is dedicated to thoughts, ideas, strategies, theories, reportbacks, and topics that promote true sovereignty for Indigenous people from a decolonial, Indigenous anarchist, and land-based focus.

For a world of géte-tpentesowen!